Oh Teacher, Teacher!

I found my study buddy!

Via Imgur.



  1. “Square Roots” stump them every time, though.

  2. Heh heh! Love it.

  3. You mean “study bunny”.

  4. rocky griffin says:

    My goodness….what a gem of a picture! There’m youem go, bo urrr! Cute overload has outdone itself again!

  5. Is that bunneh even real? It looks like a Gund.

  6. Where can I get one of those bunny-back-packs?!

  7. I love everything about this picture – the bunneh, the bunneh backpack, and the fabric of the bunneh bedspread!

  8. Bunny Overload! 🙂

  9. Are we sure that’s a bunny backpack? Looks more bearish to me. Either way, it is just too adorbs for words. 🙂

  10. student: Ma’am, the bunny ate my homework?
    teacher: what do you want me to do about it?
    student: Well, I’d like some more, he’s still hungry.

  11. You know, if I’d had a Bunny Study Buddy way back when, I might not have had so much trouble with my multiplication table!!

  12. Athena's Mom says:

    That’s some modern-day Beatrix Potter cuteness–the kind that makes my fingers curl into helpless claws while my teeth grit and want to bite my scarf.

  13. whatthelump says:

    D’aww, I just got a mental image of that adora-bunny trying to stuff its mouth full of cubed vegetables.

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    Sooooooooo cute!

  15. Wait, how do bunny back packs even exist?!

  16. Well, bunnies DO know a lot about multiplying…

  17. Bunny backpack as in it’s a backpack for bunnies. I think it makes it better that it’s a bear! 🙂

  18. They’re sewn by long-eared elves.

  19. I really need to know what he’s got in there.

  20. A teeny little calculator to help him learn his multiplicationing, and carrots.

  21. 😆