Oh, Shea Can U See?

[Is it just me, or does everyone like the smell of fresh paint? GOLLY do I love the Home Depot.”] (Mad Bonus Point Props to Shea’s Hoomins for what looks like a Patagonia zip-front fleece for Shea, am I right?)

Home Depot Shea
“We were lucky enough to have you guys use our 6 year Pekingese Shea around Christmas time. It was such a thrill! Well, now he’s spending time in Home Depot picking out color swatches. He looks really happy here, but my husband had to keep the cart moving or he wasn’t having any of it. Thank you again for your wonderful site.” – Suzanne A., Brooklyn, NY.

PS: “The coat costs like 50 bucks. It’s time this dog got a job.



  1. What a darling Shea is. I call matchingks with his tongue and the pink paint chips behind him. 🙂

  2. mollykubik says:

    He does look as if he is having a great time! Darling!

  3. What about that colour for my crib? And I want some tile on my floor, whatdaya say? *wiggles tail* And can we stop at McDonald’s on the way home? I’m jonsing for some fries.

  4. Like me, my husband has to keep the cart moving at HD for me to keep smiling!

  5. gortandklaatu says:

    Wait, can I take my dog to Home Depot?

  6. He looks so happy! Love that Home Depot allows pets inside. I always have my eye out for them when I’m there 🙂

  7. Suzanne A. says:

    We just kinda wheeled him but I’ve seen other people do it all the time. HD had no problem.

  8. That dog is having way more fun than my cat when I took him to Home Depot. Maybe we were in the wrong department – paint is definitely cooler than light bulbs.

  9. Where do home depots allow you to bring in your pets? Where I am, unless it’s a petsmart, you can’t bring your animals into ANY store/establishment. I’d like to see more places be pet friendly.

  10. I’ve seen people take their dogs to the movie theater
    *shakes head*