Oh C’MON, Play Wit’ Me, K? C’MON C’MON!

The Puppeh in this video is clearly WOUND UP and wants to play. However, the kitteh is not quite sure what to make of all this.

As seen on Viral Viral Videos.



  1. Kitteh’s all “Who is thees idiot? I don’t understand a word he’s sayin!”

  2. I love husky vocalizations. And I really love how nonplused the cat is.

  3. Judging by those ears switching from “back off” to “well, maybe” modes, I could see them playing and sleeping together within the month.

  4. I would not be surprised, Kar 😀

  5. I ow to you, my Overlord!

  6. Or, I bow to you, my Overlord!

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I’d give them only a week or so if they live together. Longer if it’s only a visit. But yeah, the kitteh got to “I dunno, seems kind of stupid but maybe not dangerous” pretty quickly.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    What a great example of the difference in body language between cats and dogs!

  9. I kept waiting for the kitteh to say, ‘Oh all right’, and POUNCE on the puppeh!

  10. I shall have to play this again later – how can I get a lovely doggie like this one – are they affectionate and as loveable as this one come to think of it maybe a cat too

  11. Come on, Cat. Gimme a Hi-5, GIMME A HI-5!!!

    PS.: That Bengal kitty has the most amazingly lonnnnng tail. 🙂

  12. I was hoping for the puppeh to win the kitteh over, too!

  13. “CAT … You got me a CAT !!

  14. Great, it is bad enough to see the immaculately clean floors in Maru’s house, now here is another place with clean floors. *runs off to Swiffer kitchen floor*

  15. “A snake? BLECH!”

  16. cat:” What the heck is this thing, and why is he acting so weird?”

  17. Fav frame: The paws lifted and reaching out to each other!!!
    And the puppeh lying down saying, “Hey, I’m even making myself look smaller for you. So come on, play with me, pleeeeese!”

  18. “I’m gonna chew this couch’s arm RIIGGGHHTT OOFFFF !!”

  19. Martha in Washington says:

    This is a VERY familiar scene in my house!

  20. Oh, COME ON!!

  21. Kari Callin says:

    Dog: “Hi kitten! I will love you and squeeze you and have you for my very own!”
    Kitten: growl, growl, hisssss…..
    Dog: “Okay, maybe I can just pet you then. I carefully pet……uhhh…I CAREFULLY pet….uh, you’re scary.”
    Kitten: growl, growl,……….
    Dog: “I pet….you…. Oh COME ON, KITTEN! Be my friend!”
    Kitten: growl….
    Dog: “Fine. Sigh.”
    Kitten: I. HAVE. WON. >:)

  22. whatthelump says:

    Yes! I just love that paw-slapping around the 1:02 mark. I wish I could be a cat just so I could have a huge furry best friend. 😀

  23. Poor doggie, he just want to be friends, but he doesn’t speak cat.

  24. In time, the cat will make himself clear to the dog.