Mmm, Those Do Look Like Good Burgers

Pup 1: “And if I didn’t know any better, there’s nothing to keep us from…”

Pup 2: “It’s the only fundamentally decent thing to do.”

Pup 1: “It’s quite the fortuitous circumstance.”

Pup 2: “I call it Divine Providence.”

Pup 1: “I call the one with no tomato!”

Via Buzzfeed.



  1. “Two burgers. Two fries. Two dogs. I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it our fate to be here. It is our destiny.”

  2. I hope those are double hamburgers.

  3. Killer Klown says:


  4. I think I’m seeing everything double .. is that a good thing or am I going crazy ?

  5. Those pups should be given a medal. That is some herculean willpower they showed. I think they both deserve a burger and a medal… or a medal made of hamburger!

  6. Are these the double double burgers from IN n Out?

  7. Double Providences! and COL splodes 2x

  8. Sure looks like it- I recognize the palm trees on the cup. LOVE In N Out Burger; It’s a good thing they don’t have them where I live or I’d weigh 400 pounds. 😛

  9. I just moved to the Midwest last month… I miss my In-N-Out 😦