Ears Familiar, They Are

Take a look at the leetle kitteh’s Ear Wiggle Action (starts @ :22) – which Jedi Master do they remind you of? Hmmmmmm?

Seen on The Buzzer.


  1. Shouldn’t it be “Of which Jedi-Master remind you they do?”

    The Force is fuzzy and wiggly in this one.

  2. Yogurt !! (When is Spaceballs 2: The search for more money coming out?)

  3. Except a kitteh’s ability to make you do what it wants is much more powerful than the Force. :D

  4. Saffron, how is your kitteh doing? Any luck finding a new vet?

  5. Thankies for asking! <3 <3
    Will spend part of this Saturday checking out some new vets.
    Kitteh doing OK. Tried new steroid for his arthritis. Seems good so far.

  6. I like the pumping mechanism on this little one. I had a cat that would lift its tail up and down while drinking. We called it pumping-up.

  7. rocky griffin says:

    It is always a welcomed sight to see a baby being cared for!

  8. Indeed :D

  9. Use the Formula, Luke!

  10. ‘Pudgy Polly’ I love it.

  11. I feel an urge to go to the dark side…

  12. That. Killed me ded. *thud*


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