“I was riding this little sweetie, called Ósk (Wish) last April in Iceland. Seems that he was more than happy when I got off, at last. Well, I’m not that fat.. .I think.” -Liisa from Finland.

happeh horseh



  1. I’d feel very, very ashamed about my riding skills if I’d see a horse do that after I jump off the saddle:D

  2. Ooh, first comment and already I’m in the mod lounge. Well, at least I get the first picks! *starts hoarding biscuits and slices of carrot cake*

  3. I recommend looking at the photo sideways, counterclockwise, hehe… Horsie is like a cartoon!

  4. Hehe, never thought to look at that in that way – true!


  5. Hee!!! Love it!!! Cher xo

  6. Hahhaha, luckily I’m one of those people who can laugh at themselves 😀

  7. Aww, cutie. I love watching them roll, they just look so freaking happy and un-majestic.

    On a related note, my best friend keeps a horse at a barn that just rescued a very starved, weak mini-horse named Quickstep. She’s in a very bad way right now and we hope she’ll pull through it all, so please keep her in your thoughts, everyone! I remember when my rottie developed cancer and you guys all sent well-wishes, she went into remission, so who knows? =P
    If all goes well, I’ll have Mune send in some pictures of Quickstep as she recovers.

  8. Tons of love and kisses to Quickstep, may her steps to recovery be quick and steady 🙂

  9. It’s nothing to do with riding skill, he’s (she’s?) just scratching an itch. Not uncommon for a horse. They also roll to cover themselves with dirt to help keep insects off or if they’re shedding.The saddle can also mat down the hair, rolling helps fluff it all back out.

  10. I’m sending loads of telepathic good energy to Quickstep too! :love:

  11. Wait–there’s CARROT CAKE in the mod lounge???

    puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy

    LET ME IN!

  12. rocky griffin says:

    Tons of well-wishes toward quick-step.

  13. Smartypants says:

    Great picture, Liisa! Look at that grin, the horse is just messing with you, LOL.

  14. Eh, horsies like tummy rubs?

  15. Yes, but all the frosting’s been licked off.

  16. It wasn’t me!! I swear! *wipes smears of carrot cake frosting from her face*

  17. Thank you, Smartypants! That was one of those rare shots that weren’t blurred with horsey fluffiness (or teeth).

  18. But of course, sugitomo! ❤

  19. Doom Elizabeth Child, are you telling a fib? Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble.