Nuts! I Lost My Keys…

[…so will someone be so kind as to let me in?]

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  1. remind me of this:

  2. You know as soon as you let him in he’ll just want to go out again.

  3. ha!! omg that is funny!! bouncy bouncy bouncy

  4. Yes, you speak the truth! I think that most of the fun for cats is getting the hoomins to do their bidding.

  5. My dog does that too – but the cat is certainly cuter!

  6. Typical cat being a pain in the glass.

  7. My cat did that to me when he used to want to come in from the balcony, except more mew and less bounce.

  8. *ouch*

  9. ‘Chat veut entrer’ indeed! 😀

  10. I think somebody needs to use the litter box

  11. gretelhallett says:

    Oh, let him in! I can never resist cats wanting to come in or go out …

  12. I second that, Berg 😀