It’s Mine! MINE!

Get your own hypnosynthetic stereophrenic magical pleasure orb!




  1. rocky griffin says:

    Leave that baby’s orb alone!

  2. Oh, the expression on his face!

  3. Love his freak-out “Don’t touch eeet!” look on his face.

  4. Get your own orb!

  5. You can have the orb if I can have the baby panda!

  6. I’d be worried if mama was close by!

  7. WaldenPond says:

    Thank you Cuteoverload, Moderator & NTMTOM– you are all the best and kinda dreamy…*happy sigh*

  8. Omigerd so cute… How is he/she even real?? So frickin adorable.

  9. Sleeper?

  10. girlychristina says:

    LOL! Omg! This is too funny! I love pandas!

  11. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    Oh, so you think it’s an orgasmatron? That would explain panda’s desperate look and why creepy rubber-glove person wants to steal it.

  12. and now, for your bet-you-didn’t-notice moment, check out his foot, joining in on keeping the orb where it belongs

  13. Ha, I didn’t notice that at first! Anerable!

  14. Even for CO standards seriously cute.

  15. I’ve just fainted……what a delightful way to start the morning. My maternal instinct makes me want to hug and kiss this perfection of rotund cuteness.

  16. weeble wobble!

  17. One word … MMMIIINNNEEEE !!!

  18. How could anyone resist those dear little eyes!!!!! Cher xo

  19. Nooooo, they be stealin’ my ball!!

  20. OK is it just me or does anyone else think he looks a bit like Christopher Llyod as Uncle Fester?

  21. Smartypants says:

    I see a tape measure in the background (bottom left) – I bet they are trying to take his measurements…once he lets go of the Magic Orb!

  22. LOL!