Chapter Seven, in which House Atreides Must Negotiate with the Spacing Guild

Paul Atreides watched in fascination. He had heard of the Guild Navigators, their strange bodies mutated into kittens by consumption of the spice Catnip and suspended in containers of Catnip gas, but had never seen one until now. “You wish to fold space to Arrakis,” the creature said at last. “I trust you have prepared an offering of tuna.”

Via Reddit.


  1. So then kittehs with blue eyes are Fremen? :D

  2. Kull wahad! 8O

  3. How are ya, Theo? Are Lady Jaye and the Theo-lettes well?

  4. Indeed!

  5. “I will not fear the Cute. Cute is the Mind Killer than brings total oblivion.”

  6. OMG, NOMTOM! I’m disturbing my entire department with my howls of laughter. You’re simply the best.

  7. love ya nomtom … i had almost forgotten dune…thanks for the sweet pang…

  8. pretty much, yeah

  9. It is by ‘nip alone I set my mind in motion. Is by the leaf of nip that paws acquire speed, the whiskers acquire flakes, the flakes become a warning. It is by ‘nip alone I set my mind in motion.

  10. …Alia was a mentat??

  11. I have no idea. I wasn’t named after the Dune character…but I do sometimes sign my emails “Saint Alia of the Knife” all the same.

  12. Er, that was me again, accidentally logged in via my unused blog name. :}

  13. Your name is lovely and unique, Alia :D

  14. She who controls the tuna controls the universe!

  15. he IS the Swishbats Catattack!

  16. OMG! I’m laughing so hard I’m wheezing!

  17. Eeeeeasy there. ;)

  18. I don’t know who keels me more, Theo: you or NTMTOM!

  19. Well, Mike’s the writer; I’m the occasional smartass. That help? ;)

  20. Too occasional, Theo.

  21. SOOO MUCH WORK TO DO… and here I am procrastinating…

  22. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  23. The Kittehs are the source of all the Qte.

    PS. I totes need to re-read the Dune books now.

  24. Well, I can’t do ‘Dune’ references, so I’ll just say:

    All the cats think he’s a spy, he’s got

  25. Tony James says:

    He fur-ocious, and he knows just what it takes to get his his coat brushed?

  26. So it’s Old Home Week with the seldom-seen CO Regulars? Hehe.

  27. Tony James says:

    Well you know, Teh-0, *some of us* don’t decide to galumph off in search of action and adventure. We cede the field to the younger chaps, content to sit on the sidelines and reminisce about the good old days “when all this was bleens, far as the eye could see”. These young’uns don’t know they’re born – why, time was when the only way to access The Overlode was *on a computer*! Frequently during office hours! I don’t approve of this mobile-cute-access-ability-through-smart-phones mullarky – not right, no. Far too easy for a chap to log-on and get cuted. Why, in my day we had to walk 10 miles through the snow, barefoot, uphill both ways, to even get a glimpse of a kitten in a box. You young whippersnappers, you never had it so good!

  28. *nods grey head in agreement*

  29. [plays snowshoe hopscotch on TJ’s lawn]
    [yep, RIGHT ON IT]

  30. Barefoot! Barefoot?????? In my day, why we were LUCKY to have feet that were bare. We had one pair of feet to share among thirteen of us. Our Dad used to sit up all Saturday night to black them up for whoever was lucky enough to have them for church on Sunday.

  31. fleurdamour says:

    *Snores quiety by the fire*

  32. phred's mom says:

    *sknxx* Whadidhesay?!?
    These kids need to speak up
    and quit mumbling. I’m gonna
    rest my eyes now.*sknxx*

  33. There isn’t going to be any sticking my hand in a box is there?

  34. fleurdamour says:

    Maybe a litter box

  35. hmm .. Kitten Spice .. yummy

  36. You all have a certain weird way about you.

  37. Can I be know as Paul Muad’Dibs on the kit?

  38. Clairdelune says:

    I dunno, but think Paul Atreides never had such delicious peenk n’black spotty toebeans. New flavor, you know.

  39. rocky griffin says:

    Beautiful display of feline eyes and a regal presentehshe of toe-beanage!

  40. :lol: Looks like that kitty is about say “Get me out of here or ELSE!” :lol:

  41. Coffee Cup says:

    Two of my favorite things, kitties and Dune!

  42. mollykubik says:

    Ding! Me too! Am loving that there are peoples out there that easily combine the two.

  43. fleurdamour says:

    Kittystash Boxhaberach, from the planet Maru-ne


  45. Um? Hello? Ground Control to Major Tomcat?
    [nice Grumpy Aladdin Sane avatar, there]

  46. Welcome back, Teho!

  47. Oh I never REALLY left, you know.

  48. rocky griffin says:

    Awesome name Snorgler! That was a very cute choice!

  49. rocky griffin says:

    Tony James’s story receives high toe-beans and the cute-overload seal of approval!

  50. That hovertext, oh Mike.

    Wow we’re nerds.

  51. This… this right here, is why I visit CO each day (lurking and wishing I could PUN LIKE YOU PEOPLE). Dune and cats… Dune AND cats!!! Kull Wahad is right.

    (Oh, and thanksalot, now I have to read it _again_ for like, the tenth time….:)


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