Armadillo Always Told Me

Be careful what you do, don’t go around raking the moonwalk, woo-oo.
Heheea! Shamone! (I’m Bad, you know it.)

Blame it on the Voices wanna be startin’ somethin’ on YouTube.



  1. Totally adorable! Never thought I would say that about an armadillo!

  2. rocky griffin says:

    Hilarious! Gold star and a smiley face and high toe-beans! The music and the footage was super cute and funny! High level of cuteness and keep up the excellent work cuteporters and cuteologists!

  3. LOL!! The only word that came to mind was DELIGHTFUL! That gave me such a smile 🙂

  4. Is she making a nest? Looking for bugs?

  5. sabrina rose says:

    I LOVE this video!!! Armadillos are so cute, and how clever of someone to time its steps to the music of the one and only MJ!!!

  6. So he moon-walked back into the woods?

  7. HAHAHAHA! I had had such a long day today and came home to find this. Awesome!!