This Sqwerl Is Plane Crazy

Look at this little maniac. Boy is the FAA gonna get on his case…if they can ever find him, of course. (Really gets going about 1:10 in FYI.)

Now THIS is the real thing:

First video spotted at TO!



  1. awww that was cute, is he a pet squirrel? I guess he gets tired of running to get around and wanted an easier way to get from point a to point b with little effort, lol maybe he wanted to spot a nut tree from high up so he knows which way to go.

  2. whatthelump says:

    It’s ridiculous how entertaining this is. But this gullible gal has to ask, it was staged, right? Right?

  3. It was obviously staged. That squirrel was a professional stunt pilot.

  4. ** No Squirrels were hurt in the filming of this video **

    Just the guy ego at the end when the squirrel laughed at him .. LOL

  5. Yeah, you’d think that the fur would be moving in the wind while in the air, would you?

    And since we didn’t see the landing….

  6. whatthelump says:


  7. That squirrel just wanted to be more like everyone’s favorite rodent: Mickey Mouse!

  8. Laura DragonWench says:

    So obviously staged but so obviously adorable!