I’ll Have Some Avocado If U Please

U prolly woke up this morning and wondered, “Can a Possum do a Baroo?” (We know you did.) That mystery has been solved!

From Leslie G.: “Avocado was a rescue opossum and she definitely won over many hearts with this photo. I carried her in a pouch for months while she healed from a dog attack and so she could get accustomed to hoomins. She’s now an Animal Ambassador at the Museum where I work. Took this pic when she was just 3 months old or so.” Read all about it at NBC Los Angeles.com.


  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Holy carp. Love ‘possums and their little pink toes.

  2. Aw, the possie is smiling.

  3. whatthelump says:

    That smile and those earsies are melting all the snow around me…

  4. What a sweet little ‘possum she is.

    And many kudos and thankies to Leslie for the rescue! <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. What Saffron said. Avocado is adorable–I could just eat her up!

  6. Simply A D O R A B L E!!!

  7. But…but…but… when did possums get so cute??? Or when did I pull my head out of my a$$ long enough to realize they ARE cute??? That smilingk face is just enchanting!

  8. See, as a Brit, they just look adorable to me! I don’t know why anyone would not like them. Is it a bit like wild ratties or pigeons, some people see them as dirty vermin, others of us just love ’em?

  9. yes, that’s exactly what it. :)

  10. is. :)

  11. Dog Lover, you must have joined us since the last Great Debate on the Cuteness of Possums. It’s a topic that has come up here periodically, though not in some time now. I would like to go on record as saying I have ALWAYS been on the “Possums Are Cute” side of the debate. (Well, there was that one brief moment I wavered, when CO posted a horrifying picture of a bunch of baby possums in a box with their pointy mouths open and little fangs showing . . . but everyone’s entitled to take a bad picture now and then, right?) (Please, NOBODY find that picture and re-post it here!)

  12. kibblenibble says:

    That is funny, Juno, because that picture is exactly the one that convinced me that possums were CUTE! :lol:

  13. Clearly you are made of sterner stuff than I.

  14. Apparently I’m on a bit of a masochistic streak today, because after begging people NOT to post this picture, my morbid curiosity got the better of me. I guess it’s not quite as horrifying as I remember, but . . . GAH!


  15. Blue Footed Booby says:

    They’re pretty much indisputably cure when they’re babies and have their mouths closed, arguably still cute with mouths open, and endearingly scruffy when grown up (especially when wearing sweaters http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/03/09/article-0-12175D40000005DC-478_634x396.jpg ).

  16. I was always on teh Cute Side too. :) I rescued a baby possum once from being stuck in plastic cup lid that some @$$hole had thrown on the ground, but I’m sure I’ve bored you all with the story before…

  17. I rescued a baby possum once, it was nearly dead in the street. Must have fallen off of mom’s back. At first I thought it WAS dead and I just didn’t want her to be smushed by a car, so I grabbed a nearby cardboard scrap to move her aside and she moved! She was very cute, but dehydrated. Eventually she went to a rehab center where she became the mascot. So, I’m on the cute side, but I do admit adult possums have less appeal for me.

  18. I’m strangely compelled to pop up every time CO posts a possum and say that I ADORE possums! They’re very docile and sweet and SOFT. I’ve worked with them at a rehab center, and I saved a few last summer from my dog, and they were so tiny they’d barely even opened their eyes. Their mom had died. I took care of them all night and helped relay them to a rehabber the next day. Ahh, little babies…

  19. Possums are soft?? Man, now I want to pat a possum.

  20. Mingles' Mommy says:

    And one of life’s great mysteries is now solved – Possums CAN smile!!! :) :) SO SWEET.

  21. rocky griffin says:

    Thanks for the pic and thanks for answering another mystery of cuteness! High toe-beans and keep up the good work cuteologists and cuteporters!

  22. whawhawhatsis says:

    The librarian at my daughter’s elementary school was a trained wildlife rescuer, and one year kept the animals in the library for the kids to help her with as a special reward (until a new principal declared that they shouldn’t be there, the bum!). Posy the Possum was raised from a tiny baby that year until she was released to the wild — apparently possums, while insanely cute and soft, don’t imprint on humans so Posy was able to go out and live a regular possum life after her much-beloved upbringing. Wildlife rescuers are the BEST!

  23. Opossum! Smiling! Called Avocado! Carried in a pouch! Can’t! Sentences!

    (Seriously… Avocado. I am endlessly impressed by the naming capacities of the C.O.niverse.)

  24. Rescute!!!


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