We Won The Hockey Gold Medal…Eh?

[I think we just won the Men’s Hockey Gold Medal– it wuz hard to watch the TV with this dang helmet, it kept slipping!]

Photo of Harry from Nikki Yanofsky’s FB.



  1. Woo hoo Canada!

  2. Somebody needs a manicure.

  3. hmm… you had a doggy hockey stick, too? What happened to it?

  4. canadianmary says:

    I am very proud to of our hockey team ….so proud to be Canadian too! Go Canada!!!

  5. Harry Price

  6. The hover text says: I had some hockey stick for dog, to much.
    I could almost believe that you had a few too many brews celebrating our the gold medal win. 😆

  7. Google Translate #FTW

  8. sabrina rose says:

    I don’t get the hover text translation. “I had a little bit of the dog’s hockey stick, too.” Is he saying the equivalent of, “I had a little hair of the dog, too?” (I drank too much?) My high school fronsche is failing me.

  9. He’s a dog – you guys are expecting him to recite Shakespeare? Cut him some slack. 🙂

    Anywhooo, congrats to Canada on a great victory!