THIS JUST IN: Maru In The Zone

The Circle probably has no idea where he is at this point. Bet he doesn’t care, either.






  1. Well that looks like a very content kitty!!!

  2. I’m sorry but it looks like Maru’s been drugged/hypnotized.

  3. In my next life, I wanna be a cat. That’s it!

  4. I thought he died of contentment until I saw the tail wagging. He totally made my day.

  5. I want to hug Maru so bad =X
    but I remember reading he doesn’t like hugs XD

  6. I want to rub his tummy!

  7. On a pristine white rug.

  8. Really?!?!

  9. For sure! 😉 #Meow

  10. From an interview with Maru’s owner:
    “Huggability: A
    Unfortunately he refuses hugs, but still.”

  11. If only Maru could learn to relax! 🙂

  12. His Thickness is blissed out.

  13. rocky griffin says:

    Maru has one of the all-time cutest cat faces!

  14. Am I the only one that noticed a white rug and two multi colored cats??? Maru and Hanah are too cute to shed!

  15. ‘Oh man. That’s some Goooood brush today, man. Hana, you gotta try this’ -Maru

  16. I want to kiss his tummy 😀

  17. Squeeee! That belleeeeeeeee! 😀
    But there should have been sound, cause I´m sure he was purring like a motorbike! 🙂