I Can Haz Carrot?

[Please give me a carrot, hoomin. I promise to tell all my friends about your house so they will drop off some Easter Eggs and candy in a couple months. Deal?]




  1. so adorable, what a cutie pie, by the way are you going to give him a carrot then?lol

  2. Smartypants says:

    This is the new Dulce de Leche variety. What a beautiful bun!

  3. rocky griffin says:

    You can has a whole bushel of carrots and cabbage! Someone kiss that guy!

  4. diane in los angeles says:

    Not covered in foil, silly, that’s a perfectly delicately roasted marshmallow bunny with the perfect hints of toasty gold bits…..sniff, sniff, nibble, snorgle….

  5. I want to slap on a hershey’s chocolate bar and some graham crackers on him now.

  6. So delectabuls! How could anyone resist that face! *leaves to clear out the produce section of the grocery*

  7. This spring’s most desirable garden accessory: the Bun-knee Grabbit.

  8. For that face, I’d give him a whole bale of carrots.

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    I so want to be that bunny’s little key chain.

  10. o.m.g. How can that even be real?! It’s too cute for reality!

  11. Killer Klown says:

    I swear, bunnies are the perfect animal. They’re as fastidious and finicky and have just as strong personalities as cats, but they are as affectionate and – as evidenced – love to beg as much as dogs. You should see what ours do when they think one of us has banana chips.

  12. I know! I miss my little fuzzybutt.

  13. Oh sweet bunneh, if you could bring some Spring weather I would give you limitless carroty noms…..

  14. Aww, that bunny looks sweeter than the easter candy his friends will drop off!

    Also, with Easter falling on 4/20 this year, let the noms flow! ;P