Mom Taxi XVIII: Schnozzle Power

As they say on ZooBorns, it’s time to hitch a ride…on The Mom Taxi! Buckle up n’ say hi to MJ, the newborn Tamandua!

MJ was born January 12th at the Staten Island Zoo.

His mother is DJ and his dad is EJ.

Shouldn’t he be named…FJ?

Photos by Steve Yensel, Staten Island Zoo. Music by Vanity Fare.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s a cutie, but he does need a different name. I’m going to call him “Ernie”.

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Gosh, another new critter I didn’t know about! So adorable! Wanna hug him and his mom – carefully – watching out for those claws!

  3. FAO Schwartz is making a plushie pair as we speak…

  4. How on earth can that bebeh have that long a tongue? Does it start in his tail?!?!?

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The railgun that provides the bulk of the Exitor class starcruiser’s offensive capability runs the length of the ship, forming the “backbone,” as it were, of the superstructure. Docking ports on the underside allow the cruiser to attach temporarily to larger capital ships, eg for resupply.

  6. Aww, both mama and baby are so cute (except whatever mom is slurping up off the floor in that bottom pic *shudders*).

  7. Little Tamandua is just impossibly cute in pic 1&2. Good god! It’s hard to believe he’s even real. Mama is pretty darn cute herself (I guess the photo shoot wasn’t working out so they had to bring out the wormsies!).

  8. ^ a hundred times that. Thank you bfb.

  9. I know, loribelle! Where do you put a tongue that long when it’s not sticking out? I’m imagining it curled up like a fruit roll-up!

  10. Hey, they are almost my neighbors…gonna check mom and baby out as soon as the snow melts!

  11. rocky griffin says:

    It looks weird. It’s cute also.

  12. Baby has not grown into his tongue yet

  13. That baby looks a bit like Kilroy, as in “Kilroy Was Here”.