Kitty Boop

A lot like Betty Boop, only boopier. Boop-boop dee doop!

The Meta Picture.



  1. Alice Shortcake says:

    *thrusts nose through monitor for enhanced boopability*

  2. Talk about a glamour shot…

  3. Cutest kitty everrrrr!!! *faints*

  4. OMG!!! It’s Pussyfoot!!! (Looking for Marc Antony)

  5. I think that’s the sweetest little itty bitty kitty face I’ve ever seen.

  6. I agree 100%.

  7. Stunned by the cuteness.

  8. Oh my goodness, I’d be soo ded if this kitten ever were to boop me.

  9. No one saw me boop the screen with my nose, right? No witnesses?
    *noses the screen again*

  10. Way back when I worked at a veterinary office, we had this deal with the local animal shelter: We’d take in an animal each month, and ‘convince’ someone who came in that we thought would make a good match to adopt said animal.
    One month we got this tiny grey kitten. One day during the kitten’s ‘visit’, I was having a really bad day, and was cleaning the cages in the back. Kitteh meowed at me, and wouldn’t stop til I reached into his cage and booped him. It looked a little confused by the boop, then reached out and booped me right back! Made my day much better. 🙂

  11. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What a great idea and great vet office to help out the local shelter like that. And then to be booped.

  12. Those EYES!

  13. Why am I such a sucker for a kitten that boops??

  14. rocky grifffin says:

    There is definitely a high concentration of cuteness involved with this kitteh. It is kind of surreal it is so cute.

  15. AWW 😀 I would of picked up the kitten and cuddled and kissed him before putting him back into his cage 😀 Of course, he probably would of started MEOWING again until I repeated it and then I would of just said “AWW, the heck with it. You are coming home with me, kitty.” 😀

  16. AWW 😀 I so want to cuddle and kiss and snorgle this dear sweet kitty 😀

  17. rocky griffin says:

    I saw a cat in costume and at her home in cat pants and at her work in a costume and she was way cuter.

  18. that is a ridiculously cut cat!!!!!!! lucky owner.

  19. Clairdelune says:

    Good grief, just when I think I’ve seen all the cutest kittehs and survived, this one comes along. I’m undone, I tell you, the boop did me in!!

  20. Dewd, I would’ve left with a new pet each month. Which is why I donate money, not time, to shelters.