Cloud Ca-Nine

We have always wondered where Cloud Nine is. Now we know!

“His sweet name is Handsome Joey.” -Thomas P.



  1. Oh Joey, what a beautiful little guy you are! Let me be the first on CO to boop your nosicle! 🙂

  2. Joey is very handsome? Is he a Lhasa?

  3. IS very handsome!

  4. My guess is malti-tzu – he looks just like my pup Reecie.

  5. Malti-Tzu! We can haz Reecie pics submeeshons, please!

  6. Not a Westie? I was thinkin’ Westie.

  7. No prob – I’ll pull some photos together and send them shortly.

  8. Woot! I shall alert the cute-thorities!

  9. He has a chest hair-swirl, like my CC Powderpuff Bailey June!