We Pick Eddie the Otter to Win!

Don’t look now but March Madness is starting early! OK, suffice it to say, I don’t even know what March Madness is except it has a basketball and a hoop. Does it involve otters? Because Eddie the Otter is a Hoophead!

“He can swim with the ball, take aim and even do slam dunks – and rarely misses a shot.”

To top it all off, Eddie the otter is 16 years old! That is the Golden Age for otters. Ever since being rescued off the California coast as an abandoned pup, Eddie has been taken care of at the The Oregon Zoo. Training Eddie to play basketball is more than fun, it is helping Eddie exercise away the otter-itis in his otter elbows.

Eddie’s starting a March Madness office “pool”. You in?

The rest of Eddie’s story via the Daily Mail.



  1. So precious!!!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    I’m going to go visit the Oregon Zoo right away. I live in Portland and know about our Trail Blazers, but Eddie has been a well kept secret!

  3. Eddie is no doubt the furriest, most adorable hoops player ever. Ever! 🙂

    I’m so glad they found a way to relieve his arthritis and provide him with a fun activity at the same time. Yay for the Oregon Zoo!

  4. His hoop skills remind me of bini the bunny! http://youtu.be/r7mC6Q-PSAw

  5. Slam dunk in the first pic?