Cute Overload

Friday Haiku: 雪のサル (Snow Monkeys)


Snow Monkeys frolic
They love the snow and hot springs
Japan for the win

Cuteporter Izabella S. says: “My boyfriend and I went to Jigokudani, Japan last November. First day we were there, the monkeys never came.”

“So we almost gave up and went back to Tokyo..but then decided to stay in the area for one more day.” [Good call. -Ed.]

“Next morning on the way to the park I was checking the live cam non stop. I could only see one lonely monkey in the bath so I was sure it will be gone by the time we get there.”

“It’s about a 2 hour trip from Nagano.”

“But when we finally made it there, there were like 100 monkeys hanging around.”

“It was unbelievable! And no glass or cages to separate you.”

“You cannot touch or feed them of course but you can come really close, as they pretty much ignore people.”

“Surprisingly there were not many visitors that day. Not sure if it’s common. (And of course the hot bath thing.)”

“Monkeys really enjoy chilling in there, and it’s super fun to watch.”

“The pictures I sent were taken by me. Hope you enjoyed them. The little monkey was my favorite.”

“It was really tiny and gentle and eventually fell asleep in the bath. (When I’m feeling sad I look at her pictures.) If you have a chance go and visit them, they are amazing!”

“Best regards, Izabela.”

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