Flashback Friday

A kangaroo’s dream come true!!!

In the 1950s, Mr. George Nissen, inventor of the trampoline, jumped on a trampoline with a kangaroo in Central Park, New York.

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As a publicity stunt to introduce the trampoline, Nissen hired a kangaroo for a photoshoot in Central Park, New York. The stunt was a success. He started bouncing at one end of the trampoline to get the kangaroo bouncing at the other. Then Nissen timed his jumps so he and the kangaroo would be in mid-air together for the photos.

Source: Boston.com, The New Yorker, various. Not Boing Boing, strangely!



  1. Second photo’s my favorite:

    “This is…odd…”

  2. The kangaroo’s legs are awesome in the first pic though. The big feets are hilariously cute of course, and then the front legs, what?!

  3. Can… Can *I* hire a Kangaroo?

  4. In researching this post, I saw a reference to a pet kangaroo living in New York City in the 1950s. It might be the same ‘roo. Y’know, ’cause, how many pet ‘roos would there be living in NYC in the ’50s?

  5. I hear you can hire them to come clean your house. They call them “Kangaroombas”.

  6. Once A Fish says:

    The fact that this didn’t originate on Boing Boing amuses me to no end…