Animal Scramble

Try it! I am embarrassed to say this one took me :28 seconds.

“I found this game which is literally nothing but cute animal photos in puzzle format, and I immediately thought of Cute Overload. It’d be cool if you did posts of things like this. My friends and I have been wasting so much time on this game. Hahaha.” -Don G.



  1. The website is fun, and addictive, but I don’t get it. This picture doesn’t look scrambled.

  2. I’dslide a frame and it’d bounce back… I don’t think it’s supposed to work that way..

  3. This llama appears to be a Justin Bieber fan.

  4. Oh noes, I am hooked. The picture shown is the completed one, not the scrambled version. The segments do bounce around, it’s part of the challenge.

  5. Well, there goes productivity for the rest of the day.

  6. 😀
    I was also thinking Flock of Llamas

  7. The hard part isn’t figuring out where the squares go. It’s making them stay put once you’ve put them there. 😛

  8. Yes! Soooo annoying! But very addictive, and the baby otter was squeeable!

  9. No one understands emo Llama. Not even that nice moose.