Turn on the Bubbles, Please?

OK, suuure! (sprinkles lavender all around, runs off to light a few candles, hire a violinist, make snausage martinis, rawhide blinis…)

“Happy, Sad and Mad”, via Reddit.



  1. I think it’s more “happy, mad and sad.” 🙂

  2. My old girl would have been outta there before I could even have pointed my camera. What well-behaved doggies. I’m not so sure about the spawn of Satan in the middle, though :0

  3. Someone’s going to get a surprise on the living room rug tonight.

  4. Exactly. That second pup defines the term “if looks could kill.”

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Do you know how long it took to layer the compost pile into my fur.

  6. Just thinking the same thing!

  7. One wonders what they did to all deserve a bath. Musta’ been grim.

  8. Nah, that right dog looks guilty. I don’t want to know why but it’s all over his face.