Go Ahead…Make My Day

Your move, Grumpy Cat.

Tip from Kristin R. From the Owl Pages FB : Photo by Gunnar Pettersson in Falsterbo, Skåne, Sweden.



  1. Grumpy Cat: “No”

  2. LOL!!!

  3. I wouldn’t want to cross this guy in a back alley

  4. lol! This was my face after seeing the results for the ladies figure skating event today.

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Hi, I’m Olli, Senior IRS Examiner. Upon reviewing your 2012 return it is becoming clear that you have not reported ALL of your passive Cutie income properly on the return. The Cutie + Adorable Penalties + Fluffy Interest will result in hours of head scritches to settle this debt. Start scritching before I eat a mouse in front of you.

  6. Well done Brinke, on your choice of title. Very funny.

  7. It’s OK Grumpy Beaks, I still love you as I love all owls.

  8. Emmberrann says: