Fast ‘n’ Furry-na 8: Tekla

(The headline’s in Finnish, yo.)

This is Tekla! And, say, whadya do when you live in Finland and you have a LOT of snow? Well, you…RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES!

[Ya gotta work off the cabin fever!]

[I left this ball here last summer!]

[We’re going to get the dog treats now, right?]

[OK, this leap up on the bed didn’t go so well.]

“Tekla is now a 5 month old Mittelspitz-puppy girl. Thanks for the awesome website!” -Tomi K. [Olet varsin tervetullut. -Ed.]



  1. Those are some mighty fine powder conditions there, Tekla. Mixed with swarovski crystals it seems!

  2. Snow zoomies!!! Now there’s a girl who really knows how to have fun. And such a beautiful little puppeh she is too.

  3. Glad to hear ‘zoooom’ is the same in any language! 🙂
    Such a beautiful dog.

  4. Lisa Schain says:

    OOOH My Mom’s name was Tekla! Cool!

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s exactly what I thought! “Zoom is zoom in any language!” 😀

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    “Mittelspitzer!” Best breed name evah!

  7. The sparkly snow makes it look she’s running around in fairy dust – beautiful! What an adorable little girl!

  8. The Original Jane says:

    Add me to the list. I was going to post the exact same thing! 🙂

  9. Admins:
    “Olet varsin tervetullut” -> you’re very welcome, literally, as in you’re welcome here to this place. As a response to thanks it would be “Ole hyvä!”, literally “be good”.

    Love from Finland, where we have much, much less snow than usually. Pls send back our white stuff, USA?

  10. I would love to love in a place that would let me take my dog shopping with me (in the cart!). In NYC, only service dogs can go everywhere.

  11. *rearranging the jet stream just for you* Sure, take the snow back, ‘you are welcome’ to it!

  12. whawhawhatsis says:

    You can take your puppeh into pet stores in NYC, surely? That’s always been our pups’ favorite place to go visiting, especially when the cashier who would hand out free treats was on duty. 😀

  13. Yay!

  14. Ooh what a cutie!

  15. PLEASE take it! (expecting 6-10 here in MN today)

  16. Actually I think California has a prior claim on our snow; they also have much, much less than usual. But congratulations on your hockey team beating Russia!

  17. Go Tekla! You are so cute! Selvästi oli kivaa (clearly, it was fun). Great to see such cuteness from Finland!