Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

Hello, I’m Rocky, and I’m a popoholic. (group: Hi, Rocky.) For me, it started so innocently, just a small sheet now and then, and I told myself I could keep it under control. When I hit bottom, I was doing three sheets a day, and ordering stuff I didn’t even need just to get the bubble wrap.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    I have some I could send him. What’s your address, Rocky??

  2. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how he keeps popping the bubble wrap underfoot even as he looks up!

  3. Simply absurd! I love this site ❤

  4. Desperate racoon goes on the game to support her bubble wrap habit. Her street name: Pop Tart.

  5. *EVERYONE* knows once you start popin, you can’t stop .. It’s a bad addiction.

  6. I’m an enabler: http://www.virtual-bubblewrap.com/bubble-wrap.swf
    Can’t help myself.

  7. ok, I have to ask – what’s the 260 mean? AND are you ORS in AZ?

  8. Bubblewrap, the new gateway drug.

  9. 1) it represents the number of times someone has told me “Enough with the puns!” (approximately )
    2) Nope

  10. My aunt used to sell china on ebay; she had these ginormous rolls of bubble wrap, like 4 feet across, in the basement. Sooo tempting…

  11. Once A Fish says:

    They sell those things at Walmart… I am SOOOOOOO tempted to get one…

  12. Oh you should.

  13. Our corgi Bailey used to pop bubble wrap with tiny teensy bites of his teeth. Loved the stuff.

  14. ONLY 260???

  15. Not enough with the puns. Nope. Never enough with the puns.

  16. sleekityin says:

    Someone needs to get him along to a BURPA (Bubble Rap Poppers Anonymous) meeting pronto. (And don’t listen to his “I saw it on QI and just thought I’d try it out” excuse.)

  17. ROFL! That´s gonna keep me smiling all day.

    Although… I just don´t “get” bubble wrap. I tried to start popping a few times and I didn´t really get anything out it. I´m weird, yeah, I know…

  18. i like how there is just like…a raccoon… hanging out in someones house… like that’s totally normal. hilarious!

  19. Having raised a raccoon as a wildlife rehabilitator many years ago, I can totally see how this would be mesmerizing for them. They are very tactile, and this would stimulate them on various levels (touch, sound, sight). Plus, it’s so cute!

  20. Maybe he’s experiencing cute aggression!? Also, the dexterity of raccoon paws is scary-cute.