Olympic Freestyle Snow Catching

In Pairs Competition, these two Stubbulars sure know how to GO FOR THE GOLD!

And in Singles, it’s Ewok The Schnauzer #FTW.

FB video Submitted by W.B. Ewok from Don P. (Happy 18th Anniversary BTW.)



  1. The name “Ewok The Schnauzer” would be a win in any contest, not just Olympic Freestyle Snow Catching!

  2. Somebody get that Corgi a halfpipe. Wow.

  3. Just a little more snow added to that volcano, and the Corgis can do Slopestyle on the roof!

  4. If only the real Olympics were that exciting (and cute)! 🙂

  5. I can’t help thinking that the barking corgi is actually saying “Don’t encourage him! He’s going to break something!” That was impressive and cute, but I was worried he was going to hurt himself.

  6. I am so impressed by that first video. I bet the QUEEN wants one of those in Buckingham Palace.

  7. Agreed!! What a great name!