It’s Chilly Out, So Don’t Forget Your Sweateuh!

(Yeah, going against popular o-pin-yun with the spelling, I know, I know.)

The WHITE DEATH cold winter weather continues in parts the US, so you guys need to make sure to bundle up before you venture outside, OK then?












From Pleated



  2. The Original Jane says:

    #1 – What was in that sweater before Mr. Snakio got to it?

  3. Eeeek!

  4. Hahahaha!

  5. :lol: Someone is going to get it for putting a sweater on that kitty :lol:

  6. I had a cat once who got scolded for doing something naughty. He came into the bedroom hours later, after I had gone to bed, crept up, bit my nose and ran away. They can hold a grudge. :)

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I tried to just put a holiday tie on my kitteh and although I wasn’t punished, he certainly didn’t wear the tie for long. As in, less than a minute.

  8. I can only reiterate the cattitude of the late-and-much-beloved Mr. Picky, who believed in the validity only of nudity. He wouldn’t tolerate so much as a flea collar, let alone a costume, no matter if it was custom made or not. The mere introduction into his presence of such a thing would evoke such a glare, you would think it an instrument of torture.

  9. It makes me laugh that of lal the pictures, even the one with the snakerson, the kitteh is the one that looks truly p*ssed off. :D :D :D

  10. A parrot in a hoodie…now I really *have* seen everything…

  11. Brilliant. And I would so wear that hoodie in my size.

  12. I demand a tamandua in my garage. Tell him move off his cargo bag and drive right in.

  13. I want a ferret in a sweater…. Seriously !

  14. I tried to decide which one is my favorite, but I don’t like to knit pick.

  15. phred's mom says:

    The Wittany Lion strikes again!

  16. Or in this case, the Knittany Lion. Fun fact: I grew up in State College, PA.

  17. phred's Mom says:

    Your “name” gives this away.
    Love what you do, Oakster.

  18. Alice Shortcake says:

    Every photo is a purl of great price!

  19. SlaveToCat says:

    Poor little lamb is saying, “Really, you are making me wear my Grandma’s fleece?? What’s next, gonna invite me over for Easter dinner?? Should I bring the mint jelly!

  20. Word.

  21. I usually hate snakes but that one made me laugh!

  22. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It’s hard to be sinister when you’re wearing a little sweater. :3

    As an added bonus, ball pythons have squishy heads.

  23. Really??? How do you know??? Have you…. you know….. ever squished a python’s head? Just askin’

  24. fluffernugget says:

    I think I would lose my fingers if I attempted to put a hoody on my rose breasted cockatoo.

  25. Right now I am wearing the same patterned sweateuh as piggeh in pic#8, but different color. (mine is dark grey/light grey/burgandy instead of piggeh’s light grey/green/yellow)

  26. Many of these photos are beyond comprehension. Many a moment as I perused them, I regretted the large mouthful of coffee in my mouth, but I’m pleased to report my laptop has escaped unscathed.
    Thanks for the fab start to my day CO!

  27. The snake in a sweater is mine! His name is Darwin and he’s a 1.5yr old Royal Python (also known as Ball Pythons). In the photo he is styling a Christmas Tree decoration from my local B&Q from their xmas 2013 range.
    He shot to internet fame after I posted it on tumblr just before Christmas, I’m glad he’s still popping up!

    I’m very jealous of the ferrets get up in this photo set – we tried to put one of our ferrets at work into the christmas sweater that Darwin is sporting in his photo op – it didn’t end very well for the sweater.

  28. And… has he got a squishy head (see above)???

  29. I am happy to report that he does have a squishy head!

  30. Totally Jersey says:

    Hedgie! Hedgie! Hedgie! Hedgie! In a SWEATER!!!!

    (Sorry. I just had to get that out.)

    EEEEEEE!!!! Hedgie!!!!

    (That was the last one. I promise.)

  31. Smartypants says:

    I love the synchronized forward-leaning penguins – they’re like chubby little figure skaters. And the ferret looks very debonair. But the anteaters just kill me Ded!

  32. whatthelump says:

    Haha! The penguins remind me of those wine bottles with cozies/covers that keep them chilled.

  33. We have a KNITTED entry here!! Well, more than one actually.

    Love Pua in a sweater. Love that feline hovertext too.


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