Today’s Special: Corgi in a Blanket

Start your day with an omelet, rice, ham and adorableness, with a side of sausage.

Via RocketNews24.



  1. Awwwmmmmmnomnomnonnom!

  2. That Corgi would vanish in a few licks from a real Corgi ..

    hmmm … Saugages .. *drools*

  3. Well, that’s just silly… in the bestest way possible! But I could never eat a whole corgi – maybe just some nibbles on the more-than-ample earsies. 🙂

  4. OMP (Oh my pig!) That is the cutest looking plate of food that I’ve ever seen! I would just love that if mom fixed it for me. I would even look at it for what at least three minutes before I destroy it and eat. XOXO – Bacon

  5. ka-ute!

  6. This has Japanese Kawaii written in ketchup all over it.

  7. Yes, I think Japan has done it again. Omuraisu (rice omelets) are pretty big there, and this looks like a variation on that. Plus, I think the eyes are nori.

  8. whatthelump says:

    Aww, I’m lovin’ that shiny black bean nose!