So, Basically, the Horns Are Just Really Big Party Favors

You learn something new every day on this site, folks…



  1. Nicefrenchgurl says:

    They remind me of Teddy Bear the porcupine

  2. I never even knew rhinos made noise, of any kind. How freaking adorable!! 🙂

  3. I wonder if they could be used as service animals?I think Id rather have one of these than a moose.

  4. …wait, you have a moose as a service animal? Where is this wondrous place!?

  5. Everything I have ever been told about rhinos being rampaging bundles of murderous carnage was obviously WAY off. Those two are more like whistling cows than death on four legs.

  6. So all I need is to fill a balloon and then stretch the opening to let the air squeak out and I can communicate with the rhino world!

  7. Maybe their noses are stuffed up.

  8. It depends on the situation. If one of those was a mama, and you got between her and her calf, she’d immediately turn into into the 30-mph Trampling Machine of Death.

  9. Meet Squeaky and Tiddles, the only two Rhinos known to medical science who breathe helium.

  10. Looks like some one is “Tooting his/her own horn” *Rimshot*

  11. I’m at work and laughing so hard at moose as service animals, people are starting to stare.

  12. I had no idea either. I really do learn a lot from CO!

  13. A momma protecting her offsprings is one of the most terrifying animal you can encounter, regardless of species.

  14. land whales

  15. They’re squeaky! …. and very expressively so.

  16. I loved that ad too. It was on CO and you can see it now here:

  17. They sound like Muppets.

  18. petless in Puddletown says:

    that’s what i thought!

  19. That does it. I want one, and I want one now. One did sound like it belched at the end.

  20. Uh, five Humpback Whales just asked for universal translators. And there’s a large, deadly space cylindar transmitting a message, “What the F was that?”

  21. Hmmm. That’s exactly what the cute baby alien in “Alien Resurrection” sounded like before he ate his mother (Sigourney Weaver)…

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    Thank you! Somehow I missed that whenever it was on before ..

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    Good one!! (golf clap)

  24. I didn’t know rhinos could be sooo cute. It just shows how little we know about this beautiful creatures

  25. JustcallmeJJ says:

    Hopefully this works otherwise google “female of the species” by Kipling or the song version by Leslie Fish.

  26. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That’d be a terrible idea, but I’d pay to see it. Multi-ton seeing eye animal with facial weaponry, a short temper, and poor eyesight? As long as I’m behind something very, very solid.

  27. dolphin815 says:

    So long and thanks for all the fish?

  28. That one trying to board the bus is being a real jack .. well you know .. hehe

  29. BulldogMommy13 says:

    “whistling cows” = awesome

  30. I think one of them is Teddy Bear porcupine. In his last year’s Halloween costume.

  31. Dinosaurs