No, I Do Not Want To Go On A Walk

I thought my body language would have made that clear by now.

Seen on Imgur.



  1. Dayummmmm……that’s the qte stuff, right there!

  2. I could never make this baby dog do anything s/he didn’t want to do. Too cute to train.

  3. canadianmary says:

    aawwww……baby….(smooches) ❤

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    If you luffed me, you would carry me so I don’t burn my paws on this sidewalk. Maybe if I look really sad someone will come by and rescue cutee meeeee.

  5. = swoops in, tucks puppeh under one arm, and runs =

  6. You have two legs for a reason sir, pick me up already!!

  7. I think puppeh is confuzzled by his elongated shadow, as his mama told him that tallness is not in his future. 🙂

  8. puppeh: “For the last time .. I’m small, tied and hungry .. just carry me already please!”

  9. my wittle legs aren’t quite up to it . . .