Daddy’s Little Googlie Eyed Girls

Meet Gertrude and Eleanor, two Sifaka Lemurs born on the same day last month at the Duke Lemur Center.

Looks like everybody is pretty Googlie Eyed over it!

Show me how it’s done Mom and Dad!

Googlie Eye powers activated!

“Two female Sifaka lemurs, Gertrude and Eleanor, were born on January 5 at the Duke Lemur Center. Gertrude weighed .23 pounds (105 g) at birth and Eleanor—a big girl!— weighed .25 pounds (117g). Gertrude is the daughter of mom Pia and dad Jovian – Jovian being the famous lemur that played Zoboomafoo in the popular kids show by that name on public television. Eleanor is daughter to Rodelinda and Marcus. Both infants are in the process of being introduced to their fathers and siblings, and all is going well.” Via Zooborns.


  1. The last pic, that’s a hand!

  2. whatthelump says:

    They’re amazing! In the last pic I seriously thought they were swaddled in a faux fur wrap or something, until I noticed the hand.

  3. I’m pretty sure that this are from Henson studios.

    RIP John/Sweetums.

  4. Aww, what cuties. Waiting for a zoo to name one of their lemurs Marty Feldman.

  5. Since they are googley eyed, shouldn’t one of them be named Lady Edith?

  6. Aww thats mean. Personally I like her better than the ice queen, Mary.

  7. This is even more amusing when read in King Julian’s voice ^_^

    Ed Pyrit, I was stomped for a good 2 secs when I thought the birth weights were 23lbs and 25lbs… I didnt see the “.” in front. lol


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