The Secret Life of Super Piggle

Here we see Super Piggle has slayed the giant with only short little legs and a single beady-eyed look.

Which is nothing compared to the time Super Piggle defeated a dragon, lassoed the moon, tamed the Wild West, stormed a castle, belled the cat, combatted a gladiator and wrestled a grizzly bear, all while battling the evil plans of a toilet paper tube.

…It could happen!

“Here are what I consider to be adorable photos of my guinea pigs, Molasses and Nutmeg. Hopefully you think that they’re as cute as I do.” -Ella.



  1. What beautiful, shiny fur!

  2. mollyehardin says:

    Now I have to clean the smooch marks off my computer screen!

  3. Guinea peeg mouths are ridiculously cute. Love these two!

  4. The moufs, people, the moufs!!! *thud*

  5. Glad I’m not the only one done in by the abnorable peeg mouf…

  6. Guinea Peegs are adorabuhls. I miss mine so much.

  7. Aww, I am in love!

  8. PEEG LEEPS in the second picture!

  9. What about the lil nostrils, or as I call em ‘trils!

  10. Cute piggehs! xx