More Australian ResQte Action!

Cuteporter Natasha F. spotted these photos (all by Mark Smith) as seen on The Guardian.

These little friends were rescued after the bushfires in Victoria, Australia.

Same situation that these guys faced.


Chris Litchfield and Marcus Ward took care of these little guys.








  1. Poor babies! I am glad that they survived and are being cared for. Hugs to all the critters and to the humans helping them recover!

  2. Ouchies .. Poor babies .. Someone hugs em for me quick

  3. LOL .. ya beat me again Berg

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    omg Pink bandages and joeys hung on the line!! Love and care to the hoomins and the critters.

  5. Oh noes! I am so glad there are wonderful hoomins helping anipals in Australia.

  6. This begs a question .. How long to you hang out a Joey before they
    are dry ? It’s got to be a long time, because the hoomies are going to
    all be crying over them.

  7. Aww they’re so precious… Poor babies, but thank goodness they were resqued! The baby roos in the sleeping bag ‘pouches’, and a pretty pink wall behind them… O.M.G.

  8. So sweeeet! That poor joey’s sad face with ouchie paws made me want to cry. ;_;

  9. sabrina rose says:

    Thank you and God Bless to all the helping humans. Maybe when Prince William and Duchess Kate visit Australia next month, they can help establish or fund a refuge for the many injured creatures.

  10. Me too. D’awww those lil angel ‘roos…*Thud*

  11. Where do I apply?

  12. Oh, I am so glad these animals are getting care and love. The pictures make me sad…but then I am happy again thinking of the good people helping.