Keep Them Dogies Movin’, Rawhide!

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin. Get them dogies rollin’. Move ’em on, head ’em up! Head ’em up, move ’em on, Rawhide!

Video from a GoPro camera attached to Lola the black lab’s rawhide treat. As seen on The Awesomer via YouTube.



  1. UFF! Dizzzzzzy…

  2. Yup. I watched only about hapf of it before I fell out of my chair.
    Woooooooooooooozy 😀

  3. *half
    Still too dizzy to type.
    I’m so dizzy my head is spinning. Like a whirlpool it never ends…

  4. Ear floppage!

    I can’t tell (maybe someone who knows doggies better does), is she a little stressed out? From trying to outrun the camera maybe? Why else would she keep running like that? 😐 The footage is cool otherwise though.

  5. I’m thinking out running the camera too .. “GET THAT THING OFF ME BONE !!”

  6. I started losing it as soon as the (otherwise lovely) circular staircase came into view.

  7. What drove me nuts was it doesn’t look like her head is moving but everything else is!

  8. I believe this film is up for an Oscar for Best Cinemadography.

  9. She kept running because he was chasing her … you see him “going after the bone” a bunch of times.

  10. She appears to be running from the young man, mostly in play, I think. She gives a bit of a growl whenever he comes near. Afraid he’ll grab the bone. She doesn’t seem all that concerned by the dalmatian, however.

  11. Yeah, I wish I could watch more than a minute of this but I get too dizzy. As far as from what I’ve seen, lovely house and adorable pups. Ok I need air….

  12. What a sweet face that dog has! Lovely house, too.

  13. munchito696 says:

    That’s my beast Lola, she’s actually a German Shorthaired Pointer… Maybe I didn’t put that in the video description… Anyways, if you watch my other videos you’ll see her do the bird dog thing (creeping up on birds and small animals), and her nub tail is a giveaway that she’s not a lab. I can see the confusion though when all you can see is her head, lol! If you can pause when my shirt design is not blurry, that’s another hint….

  14. Lola is actually my pup, she’s not stressed out at all in this video. If you’ll notice she charges at me when I run away and runs when I charge back, it’s our normal chase game.