Best CAPTCHA Evar?

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You’ve Got Tail, via Rocket News. Kind of reminiscent of the Elephant font.




  2. Hmm. Let me see… Cat cat cat cat, cat cat cat. Cat cat cat cat cat, cat cat. Cat cat, cat cat cat, cat with bow. Cat cat cat, cat cat, and last but not least, cat.


    Oh come on! What did I get wrong?!

  3. KITTEH!

  4. Where can I download this??

  5. Who needs elvish when you can have the kitteh font?

  6. whatthelump says:

    Love love love the bow 😀 Some of them would make great Nazca lines too, anyone going to Peru?

  7. Should be renamed CATCHA!

  8. The last one is awesome!

  9. I think it’s the alphabet! SO CUTE!!!

  10. I want to know that too 😀