Stain Resistance Never Tasted so Good!

Is your pup a couch-licker? New cherry-flavored Cutegard™ protects your delicate fabric, and treats your pet to a tangy taste sensation! Also available in grape, banana, and mango!

Another fine product from ShameCoSolving Problems We Create… With Science!



  1. Ewww…my chi wasn’t usually a licker but he would sometimes go to town on my hand. He also used to lick the bottoms of my ex’s feet. I don’t know how he could stand it…I would be dying from the tickling!

  2. I love how they got a couch to match the pup’s coat.

  3. That’s so that they never have to vacuum!

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My dog used to do that to his own bed, then he wouldn’t want to lay on it because it was all wet, so he’d take other other dog’s.

  5. Another adorable, whacko chiwawa – gotta love it! 🙂

  6. My rottie Tri does this. It’s sort of a nervous habit/OCD thing.

  7. My lab mix does it. And my bed. Until it’s SOPPING wet, through the pad down to the mattress. And he only does it when he’s home alone. It is definitely an anxiety thing.

  8. Silly mouth habits my parents’ dog has:

    1. Sucks her thumb.
    2. Sucks the corner of parents’ blanket in her sleep.
    3. Will lick the palms of everyone in the family in greeting, except mom’s. We think it must be a salt in our skin she likes.

    Other cute thing she somehow does:

    Show her a pile of toys, with only one toy in it meant for her. Don’t tell/show her which one is hers. She will somehow pick out the right toy in one shot.