Sigh. Why didn’t they just ask Cute Overload?

Recently, Yahoo Shine asked the question, “Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?” YS has fancy statistics and lots of big words to explain how head tilting helps dogs hear better or see better. Um, Baroo? Think again, friends. We think the technical term is ’cause it’s cute! Meg first proved eet to the world back in 2006.

Baroo by Nellie, via Furbo.



  1. Lol I love you guys! I think “cause eets qt” is the technical term to many many things like why are baby animals heads and eyes so unproportionately large compared to their body? And why does a bunny’s Nose twitch? It’s just a good thing there’s good people like the ones at CO to point it out to the world for proper respects!

  2. celineoriet says:

    She is soooooo cute!!! Beautiful dog. ❤