Kitty Faith Healing

“Oh, most merciful Supreme Cat on high, we pray thee send a miracle through my paws, that blessed Brother Mousie may frolic and scamper once more, and in return, I promise not to bite him so hard in the future, hal-lay-loo-yuh!”

Via Reddit.



  1. NTMTOM, I ❤ your delightfully twisted mind.

    Now kitty, this won't hurt a bit. I'm just going to pop your bit of fluffy self into my mouf.

  2. In cheeses name indeed!

  3. I want a kitty!

  4. Based on how my cats would approach this ritual, I’d say they are Shakers.

  5. rocky griffin says:

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, but how are their furniture making skills?

  7. Heal me, blessed hands of cheeses!

  8. Oh, someone’s going to get SUCH a snorggling!! yes, you are, you anerable little fuzzball, you.

  9. kallisto73 says:

    In cheeses name???? FTW! Nomtom, you are hilarious (*states the obvious and signs the petition for the coffee table book once again*)

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I can walk again! Praise Supreme Cat!

  11. Emmberrann says:

    POUNTZ!!! Dis kitteh iz keelin da Pountz!

  12. This kitten needs some hair gel.

  13. That petition is nearing epical proportions! How much more til we reach the tipping point? (When, I assume, CO will give in and grant our request…)

  14. Simplistic

  15. whatthelump says:

    ROFL! A bit off on a tangent, but reminds me of Adventure Time’s “Box Prince” episode near the end, when the cats go back to just being cats.

  16. whatthelump says:

    HEEE-yuhl, HEEE-yuhl, HEEE-yuhl!

  17. I’m laughing out loud here all by myself. “…in cheeses name…” Love the paw action!

  18. I will give that dear sweet little kitty a cuddling and snorgling, Wend 😀

  19. Except when they are preparing a pounce, then their back half at least are Quakers.

  20. I busted out laughing at this one!

  21. Time for the defibrimathingy! (For the mouse and yours truly.)