So This Giraffe Walks Into A Restaurant, See…

Imagine the surprise of the hoomins dining at a South Africa safari park restaurant, when a guest ambled in to see what was on the menu. A rather…tall guest named Perdy.

(Headline is very similar to the one The Inquisitr used, but I am pretty sure I think I might’ve thought of it before I saw the story. -B.)



  1. So she wanted a snack before hitting the pool for some diving. What’s the big deal? She made too tall of an order?

  2. Yes, my first thought was It was yet another giraffe animation from the high-diving-giraffes guys, and then I realised this one was real, not CGI-ed. So cool! 🙂

  3. I’ll like to order an Iced Coffee please .. extra TALL

  4. she just wanted a long, tall drink.

  5. Ice tea, please.

  6. I like the person saying something about “a giraffe running amok in the restaurant.” Bit of an exaggeration there, ain’t it?

  7. I was honestly surprised anyone could talk at all. I’d have been too in awe of the giraffe’s majesty to speak.

  8. Nothing exciting has ever happened to me in a restaurant. I guess I need to patronize a better class of eateries. 🙂

  9. “I seem to have wandered into the human enclosure somehow. Well, they seem harmless, if a bit noisy.”

  10. Love how Perdy just saunters in and checks things out – so polite and respectful and curious. And love that the humans just go with it, as they should! Giraffes are stunning animals. 🙂

  11. I suspect there would be ten thousand camera phones whirling and at least twenty idiots trying to get a closer look.

  12. Question: What does a Giraffe eat at a Safari Park Food Court?

    Answer: Anything she wants!!!

    The fact that she’s got a name and the people behind the counter were nonplussed makes me think this happens alot.

  13. Somebody’s gotta say it. Good thing that wasn’t in Denmark.

  14. Thank you. And no, it’s not too soon.

  15. Sharon Wilson says:

    I don’t think they’d think it was so funny if a lion walked into the restaurant!

  16. whatthelump says:

    lol! I need to watch that episode of the Twilight Zone now.

  17. Ouch. That story still inflames me.

  18. I still don’t understand their logic.

  19. “How do you explain this to anyone?” LOL
    I´m amazed how Perdy is not scared of all the humans, she seems very tame… 🙂

  20. Laura DragonWench says:

    Yeah, when I heard the guy (who, from the sound of things, was the one taking the video) say that about the giraffe running amok in the restaurant, I was thinking, more like ambling amok in the restaurant. 😀