Say Hello To My Little Friend(s)!

This Reddit submitter’s family fostered a kitteh family last year, and their bulldog Hammie decided he’d keep this one, thank you very much.

12483942723_6f74a2ab3c_b (1)
But wait! As they say on TV..there’s more!


Submitted by Martin B., as seen here and and also on HuffPo, spotted by Jennifer M. All photos by Michelle Paiden.

[I know you wanted to put “Bad To The Bone” on here but you did that schtick last fall. “Scarface” works just fine for the header. -Ed.]


  1. canadianmary says:
  2. totally!

  3. Seriously, can you get more Marc Anthony?

  4. Hammie clearly likes gingers. Good taste, Hammie.

  5. My thoughts exactly! What a cute tiny trio, and Hammie is very handsome.

  6. Hammsome too! :)

  7. rocky griffin says:

    Very cute friends! I am sure they will have a happy life together!

  8. That’s one SERIOUS looking kitteh in pic#1

  9. Smartypants says:

    He says “look, I’m a tough bulldog too – Rawr! Er, I mean woof!”

  10. He even has the same wide-chested pose. I expected to see a “Matchingks” tag!

  11. U are so correct. FIXING.

  12. whatthelump says:

    D’aww, what a proud papa of three. He’s gonna have his hands full soon!

  13. I love kittens when they’re that little and the top of their heads (and the ears!) are all round. *ded*

  14. Right?? And the ears at 10 and 2?! *ded*

  15. Wanna bet who will be in charge in just a short amount of time? And it ain’t the bulldog! :)

    Hammie, you are such a gorgeous boy. Hugs to you forever.

  16. Hammie “Killer” Dogbert has those kittens terrified, absolutely terrified!

  17. Yes, you can tell Hammie is really mean. Those kittens are shivering from fear. : )

  18. That first picture is the cutest damn thing. Little kitten is trying to be like his foster Dad!

  19. AWW :D Hammie the bulldog looks as if he is saying “These are my kittens and no one will touch them without my say so!” :D

  20. Thank you Hammie for loving these kittehs xoxo

  21. BulldogMommy13 says:

    That top picture? Hammie needs to come to my house & Little Red needs to get in my mouf.


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