Dad Is Not Amused

In fact, he is befuddled. Indignant. Maybe even a little wounded.

Via Imgur.



  1. Sound bite

  2. “Let me get that earworm for ya, Pop.”

  3. Love his little top dot!

  4. Pudgy puppy folds! *Squeeeee*

  5. That’s to show you where to place the kisses.

  6. Rescue Gal says:

    Is there a chubular tag?? There should be.

  7. Well, there’s a Blorp tag. So, we may have to thoroughly discuss the finer points of chubbular vs blorp.

  8. Hmm. I’d have to say that blorp hints at more of an overall round shape, like a big fat hedgehog, but that chubbular implies some rolls. Something about the double-b’s that does it.

    *pushes glasses back up nose*

  9. Aww, I want to pick him up and count every single one of his folds.

  10. tracylee has competition.

  11. Clairdelune says:

    How can you tell what Dad thinks?!?!? That’s the ultimate poker face! 😀

  12. I must agree with hilz on this one. Blorp definitely encompasses the entire animal, and with a solid round shape overall chubbularity is, in fact, impossible. Chubbular is a term used to describe a more “wrinkly” outlook with rolls of skin. Should chubbular refer to the whole animal, like in the case of a young shar-pei, we are clearly looking at an animal which cannot be blorpy. If it is smooth, it is blorpy, if it is wrinkly, it is chubbular.

    In this case we have definite chubbularity going on, yes?

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  14. Looks like a still from the not-yet-thought-up live action filming of ‘The Pokey Little Puppy’

  15. BulldogMommy13 says:

    As a long-time bulldog mommy, I can tell you that is EXACTLY what that is! My girl Zoie has a fingertip sized kiss spot on her head & it’s been kissed countless times (as has her nose, the dent between her eyes, her polka-dot belleh,her ears,etc.)