THIS JUST IN: Doggehs Diggin’ Out

Do you ever remember a winter like this? Once again, the USA Southeast is getting leveled by yet another Snow + Ice Storm Of Doom. (On deck, the Northeast.) But these Pups are here to help!!

As seen on Like Coooooool, man.



  1. Oh man, that was so freaking awesome!! Dogs are sooooo stinkin’ cool. Their joy knows no bounds and they find fun in the simplest (usually the dopiest) things. 🙂

  2. CO has been killing it today. Some fantastic posts.

  3. Love the puppeh sporting the Snow Cone of Shame.

  4. What great lil’ helpers!

  5. A new use for the cone of shame!

  6. Soooo helpful! Haha. And the goggy with The Cone!! Omg.

  7. I laughed aloud several times watching this! What is it about those shovels that is so attractive? Can’t just be the whole resemblance-to-a-stick thing since so many of these enterprising pups seemed to enjoy shoving the things around by the handle!

  8. Smartypants says:

    I think so – and also perhaps novelty, since the shovel isn’t around all the time – and maybe some hoomin hand-sweat on the handle?