Let’s Play “Fishball!”

Just make sure you wear your extra-thick Fishball gloves. Oh, and your oxygen tank.

Sea Creatures Pictured During Night In Red Sea
Spotted Porcupinefish by Andrey Nekrasov/Barcroft Media, as seen on The Guardian.com. Submitted by Paul.



  1. rocky griffin says:

    That is a ginormus puffer! Oceanography is fascinating. Thank you to all cuteporters and cuteologists for doing a good job on this site! You do such a good service to those of us who Love cute stuff!

  2. Look, I hate to get sanctimonious, but to get that photo they had to first harass the fish to make it puff up. I just don’t approve.

  3. Yes Ellen! So glad you wrote that! And they are terribly vulnerable when they deflate as it exhausts them.

  4. Is this like volleyball, where you spike it?

  5. There’s something fishy about the fellow on the right…

  6. Smilingk!

  7. TOTALLY “smilingk” for the camera!! So cute!

  8. Humie photobomb’d the poor puffer’s selfie .. not nice !!

  9. Bettymouse says:

    Very true…

  10. They didnt trouble it, it didnt see the cameraman and surprised itself when it swam into his light beam =)


  11. Well, that’s nice to know. Thanks Shini!

  12. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Harass. Not torture, not injure, not kill. Even if this puffer hadn’t actually just scared himself, a gentle poke isn’t going to leave permanent effects. Let’s try to keep a sense of perspective.

  13. See what happens when you poke a nuffer? Any slight discomfort and it flares right up.

    (And in this case you find out how knowledgeable Cuteoverloadians can be!)