Flappy Bird

We don’t know if the current “Flappy Bird” craze has anything to do with this little guy. But it’s possible.

From TO. P.S. -Watch out for Fake Flappy Birds.



  1. Slow down, Mister! Those little flappy feets can only run so fast to keep up!

  2. Love little penguins! Kudos to the zoo/aquarium employee for the skritching at the end.

  3. sabrina rose says:

    Well, a skritch is the least he could do after causing the little bird to fall down twice.

  4. He moves pretty quick for a little guy ..

  5. Dear world: I would like to walk around with an adorable pengie for a bit. Thank you.

  6. Adorable! I don’t know how he can resist picking up the little guy.

  7. Penguins are just so cute, but he should slow down a bit poor thing is not meant for running.

  8. Yeah, I think he felt bad about that.

  9. Stop makin him chase you……..meanie. OK, OK you gave him a head skritch.

  10. The Japanese video title says “Sakura-chan – penguin in love” which is adorable.

  11. I wondered if he mistook the guy’s boots for his mommy. 🙂

  12. As I scroll through on my iPad to read your comments my kitten is mesmorized by the moving screen! He’s too cute and so is that little penguin!

  13. *’STER!!* *’STER!!!!* ***I*** want to pet a penguin, too!!!! (Bonus points for whomever went to Catholic grade school and lived to tell about it.)

  14. Err…sliding on cement must be a little rougher than on ice. :/ What a cutie pie though.

  15. I read the original article in Japanese. The penguin is female and loves this caretaker so much that she follows him everywhere. When the caretaker takes care of other penguins, Sakura gets mad..