Animals Come In Different Shapes And Sizes..

…and flavors, too! We’ve got…Frosted Pupcakes!



Some nice birthday cake frosting here!

Bring the cannoli!

(And the bread.)

Fantastic Baroo here.

And last but not least- Hedgie Muffins!


From Mashable.



  1. Sweet!!!!!!
    Oh sorry ……. somebody had to say it! 🙂
    I’ll take 2 Hedgie Muffins to go please!

  2. Mrs. Norris says:

    Only true animal lovers can appreciate fur next to our edibles! Deliciously cute!

  3. Thats a fine looking catloaf!

  4. Those hedgies are positively scrumptious.

    Looks to me like the catloaf has been photoshopped but hey ho – at least we get to visualise what the end result of a catloaf might be!

  5. Those are all adorable, but the tuxie cat in the third photo totally cracks me up. Methinks the kitteh strikes that pose often… The sculptor/chef even got the front paws in the correct position–left paw behind, right paw between the back legs. Too funny!

  6. twocityshibas says:

    Agreed. That one is genius!!!

  7. rocky griffin says:

    I Love the Loaf of bread cat! All of the pastries are cute genius!

  8. In my family we know that everything tastes better with a dash of cat fur. And clothing looks better with a layer of cat fur. Love ’em or don’t visit.

  9. rocky griffin says:

    The cat face cake and squinchy-eyed kitteh are the beans!

  10. rocky griffin says:

    I want to hog up all this cute food!

  11. That one deserves a standing O. If just for the timing.

  12. sabrina rose says:

    That pug-cake’s birthday hat is so, so, adorable!!! Love it – what a priceless expression!! “Oh no, I’m 3 years old already? Are they going to replace me?” Or maybe he’s worried about someone lighting the candles……..

  13. That’s my favorite one too!

  14. I just LOVE the kitties and the kitty pastries 😀

  15. Can I have the kitty cake? Pretty please? I want the kitty cake!