Wobbular And Knobbular

This one’s gonna turn you into a Weepy Mushbomb too. A Bebeh Deer. And her Mama. Doing what deers do best: bringin’ the QTE.


From Susan M. Video created by Steve Fagen, bebeh deer born in Departure Bay Beach, Nanaimo, BC.



  1. It squeaks!

  2. The little squeakies….aaaaahhhhnnnnnn.

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    Wait…we don’t get to see it get to its feet!?

  4. Apparently behbeh deer need stimulation on their ‘tocks after feeding to pee and poo. The More You Know!

  5. Hope that tiny thing’s big enough to reach the milk….

    “Kissing the tocks” is actually mom instinctively licking the baby’s nether region to stimulate release of pee and poop until baby’s system is fully functional and can work automatically without it. A number of mammals do this with newborns. Mercifully I don’t think people are among them, or at least we could use a damp washcloth.

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    “Come here, junior. It’s time for your morning butt-rub.”

  7. My sister fosters orphaned kittens, and takes great care of them. She told me she rubs their little bottoms with a dry washcloth for the exact reason rhea3 mentions. Thankfully, this doesn’t last for weeks, but the little ones need the assistance.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    Whenever I see tiny bebehs like this, I’m again astounded that those delicate, wobbly little things with legs like matchsticks are actually strong enough to survive. I just want to gather them into my arms and take care of them! But they (mostly) don’t need that. Miraculous!! And on another note, who knew they make that little “meep” squeakie sound!?!

  9. It’s Bambi!

  10. “Uh Mom? Can you bend down please? I can’t reach.”

  11. He meeps like Beaker! Soo teeny, tiny and cute!

  12. autumnsong says:

    Meep. Meep. Splode! Too cute. I, too, worry that he can’t reach mommy’s milk. And it looks so cold. I want to get it a little jacket.

  13. Clairdelune says:

    True, I had to do it with an orphan kitteh small enough to fit in the palm of my hand… he’s now big and sassy and of course rules the house. 😀

  14. Clairdelune says:

    Beautiful. And forgive me for introducing a dark note, but it is heartbreaking to think that a gun might end that beauty and grace.