Book Buddies

This one is guaranteed to turn ya to mush. Berks Animal Rescue League in Berks County, PA has a program where kids come in to read to the kittehs at the shelter.

Sent in by Cuteporter Laura M., who saw it on BuzzFeed.



  1. This one goes into my Facebook feed. (Also, maybe a Kittehs tag?)

  2. This is brilliant! Good for the kitties and good for the kids on multiple levels!

  3. And Primates!

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Who’s teaching who to read? Every time I attempt to learn to read the Cat sprawls out on the book preventing my intellectual development.

  5. My cats even do this to my e-readers. Slackers.

  6. A key component of any great library is a user-friendly cat-alog.

    (And consider me mushed. Way to go to my neighbors in Berks!)

  7. That is my teary moment for the day – find with a cup of tea as good as ginger biscuits. Will facebook too.

  8. Peppermind says:

    This is the cutest! Encouraging kids to read with cats, they should do this in schools.

  9. earthboundmisfit says:

    I read to my beloved kitty while waiting for the vet to euthanize him… I had to throw the book out afterwards because I knew I’d never be able to read it again (sniff).

  10. I love these “everybody wins” scenarios, especially when they involve Teh Qte.

  11. That is an awesome program and an adorable photo! I have turned into a gooey pile of mush…

  12. Win-Win Program. Love this.

  13. Wonder what book it is .. The Cat in the Hat ?

  14. This pic makes me weepy. Why doesn’t that kitty have a forever home? Look how lovey he is!!!

  15. Hee. Ooop ook.

  16. Dewey Decimal Kitten?

  17. What an awesome program for all. The featured photo is a living Norman Rockwell illustration!

  18. Cats know when someone cares about them. They might not always show their appreciation, but they know.

  19. The fuzzy heads leaning in toward one another… that pose just did me in. I am now a certifiable mess of mush. 🙂

    Think of all the things that little boy is learning – aside from strengthening his reading skills – compassion not the least among them. This just makes my heart sing.

  20. Is it just me, or is kitty smiling?

  21. Kitty is definitely smiling…..
    I love the programs where animals (usually dogs) are taken in to libraries so children can read to them, but this takes the cake! Kids going to the shelter to read to the animals…….love it!
    And this marmie needs to go home with this young man as a reward to BOTH of them!

  22. Yes, kitty is definitely smiling. Which makes me smile too. Such a happy picture!

  23. claire silvers says:

    When we adopted our yougest cat he was one of the wildest kittens I’ve seen. My son had a Harriet the Spy book with him & he read it to Minigus (the kitten), who immediately calmed down & stopped trying to rip up the carrier (and hurt himself in the process) This program is such a good idea.

  24. So would this be a Reading Rainbow?

  25. My reaction, as well. I even made up a story in my mind, ending with the little boy sad to leave the kitty behind and the mom rushing to make both the wee boy and ginger cutie happy.

  26. thats a win win situation. adorable and heartwarming.

  27. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, earthboundmisfit 😥 (BIG CYBER HUG)

  28. AWW 😀 I hope that kitty found his/her loving forever home 😀 I am glad to hear about programs that help kitties find their loving forever homes and help people out at the same time 😀

  29. Aww hon, I’m so sorry. The last thing your kitty heard was the sound of his dear mama’s voice and he knew he was loved. I hope you find peace in the memories of your sweet baby boy.

  30. Does this kitteh help with Algebra?

  31. Kittehs cannot brain the maths.

  32. So much for taxes!

  33. Aww..I’m so sorry earthboundmisfit. 😦

  34. This picture makes me happy and sad cry at the same time…I am glad there is such a wonderful program!

  35. Emmberrann says:

    I could not brain the maths, either, and I was, and am, not a cat.

  36. That is a sucker punch.

    I agree that you were very lucky to share that precious time with your kitty and he could have only loved hearing your voice.

  37. Something subversive and sneaky about this.

    I wonder how many kids drag their parents back to bring home a kitty?

    Not that I disapprove mind you.

  38. If you click on the provided Buzz Feed link, you will see many more photos of kiddies reading to kitties.

  39. Geez, the traffic from reddit crashed their server!!! The painful consequences of going viral. But yea for the publicity for their program and their kitties!!!

  40. 4leafclover says:

    Hey! That actually happened (sort of)! Mom decided to go back to the shelter to adopt the kitty, but it turns out ginger kitty had been adopted earlier that morning! So a happy ending for this precious cat… 🙂

  41. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Agreed. This is one of the most beautiful pictures ever.

  42. Ditto! I have to hold my kindle way up in the air to read. Oh sooooo comfortable! NOT

  43. I have that book! 🙂

  44. So sorry, maybe in your next life?

  45. Awww, thanks for the update! That made my day. 🙂