“They are our TV.”

Sally C.’s personal portrayal of her two kittehs tells it better than any commentary can!

“Wendy and Galen are entirely too spoiled but repay us manifold with plenty of snuggles and laughs. They’re about five. We adopted them as a bonded pair when they were in their very early teens. Wendy likes walks outside on her leash, sniffing coffee (it is like catnip x 1000 to her), instigating epic throwdowns with Galen, and pooping in the tub.”

“Galen likes long belly rubs while lying on his heated pad, chasing the Red Dot around the house, performing his infamous “Turn and Sit on Opponent” fighting manouver upon Wendy, and peeing in the tub. Both are fully aware that the tub is verboten for these purposes. They are very tightly bonded, play, snuggle, eat, and playfight together. They are endlessly entertaining. They are our TV. ”

“Hi! Many-time reader, first time submitter. Your website is one of the first places I go when I’m having a crappy day.” Best, Sally C.



  1. In the tub and not on walls or furniture? How blessed you are! Easy to clean is the tub.
    CO as salve to a crappy day? Yes! This has been used multiple times.
    2 beautiful cats with beautifully written commentary. -peaceful sigh- Thank you!

  2. Does Galen look like a panther,or what?Good job on the pics!

  3. I wonder – Galen, like Claudius Galen of Pergamum, the physician / scientist, 2nd c. AD? You know, I gave up practicing medicine to studying / teaching history of medicine, that crazy I am 🙂

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    I think it’s funny Wendy loves the smell of coffee, as my kitteh has made it clear he doesn’t like it and thinks it needs to be covered up. Cats are all just crazy!!

  5. I love that they were adopted together so their bond is forever. Such good kittehs and such good hoomins, a match made in heaven.

    There is no better entertainment than a pet. 🙂

  6. My father’s name is Galen! LOL

  7. He is a handsome boy!

  8. Simple solution to the tub problem: stop the drain and keep a bit of water in there. Just enough to cover the bottom is all you need. No kitty’s going to stand in water to do his ‘business’! (Of course, I make no promises as to what kind of Plan B they come up with . . . )

  9. Also: Glad to know I’m not the only one who spoils her kitties with a heated pad.

  10. *Sally C. – you need to visit CO all the time, not just when you’re having a bad day.

  11. We agree!

  12. AWW 😀 What a cute pair of kitties, Galen and Wendy, that you have, Sally C. 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with the both of them 😀

  13. “Turn and Sit on Opponent” fighting manouver.

    Military genius. If only Wellington or Nelson had this tactic.

  14. phred's mom says:

    Sounds eminently sane to me, JZWRZ.