Takes Just Five Seconds, Flat!

Got a cat? Make a mat! Create your own throw rugs, placemats, and shawls in seconds with the Ronco Cat Flattener! Cat not included (but is extruded).

It’s WALLACE OUERLE, cool cat from New York City!



  1. Warning: a diet composed solely of toy mice can lead to a serious case of flat-ulence.

  2. *LOL* You have just out done yourself this time! And so have you NOMTOM! Both of you and this gif have sent me into a gigglefit!

  3. Tony James says:

    [Preeeeeep!] Unlicensed punning in the end-zone. 10 yard penalty. 260Oakley to retire from the ice. New balls, please.

  4. Reminiescent of “Flat cat in slat vat.”

  5. But wait! There’s more! Order the flat cat make a mat and we’ll send you, free of charge, the dog log in a bog at no extra charge! But wait! There’s more! Not only will you get the flat cat make mat and the dog log in a bog, but if you call right now, you’ll also receive, at no extra charge, the how now brown cow. Operators are standing by.

  6. Except that’s NOT Wallace Ouerle. Wallace is a beautifully floofy silver classic tabby with spectacular peridot eyes and a brick nose leather daintily trimmed in black.

  7. Smartypants says:

    I think this is the reverse angle of “Maru coming out from under the couch” video – in one side and out the other!

  8. AWW 😦 Another video of a kitty that does not show up for me 😦

  9. What about the ice mice eating rice?

  10. It’s the star of the American re-make of the Maru Story.

  11. My thoughts exactly, Smartypants!